Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have been making fabric ATC's all weekend
im new to making them from fabric but I like the way some of these turned out.

The first one is called September Fairie, next is Scaredy cat and Sun


Blue said...

Your work is very good. Love the cat ATC! Keep it up. You have a fun blog to visit.

Dreamspinner Cheryl said...

Oh, I LOVE these! Yes, especially the Scardy Cat. You do wonderful work-I am majorly impressed!

Helen in the UK said...

Great ATCs - you may be new to fabric ones, but you're good!! Particularly like the Sept fairy and scaredy cat. Keep up the good work :)

zinkibaru said...

ooh these are gorgeous!

carolk said...

I love these, especially the Sept. Fairy. Thanks for sharing!

:-D eirdre said...

your work is beautiful! May I ask if September Fairy's body is cut from one piece of fabric of is she pieced?

:-D eirdre