Monday, June 11, 2007

pinwheel magnet

here is a simple and fun project

this can be a magnet for your fridge or embellishments for a card or a photo frame it all depends

on how big you make it.

Pinwheel magnet
decorated paper , magazines, clipping, old book pages, you can use most anything you want just as lone as it has an image on both sidesor glue two sheets together . Thats what I did in the sample
faces or bottle caps or whatever you want to use for the center glue stick double sided tape

glue two sheets of paper together to give you a design on both sides this also makes the project a bit stronger.

use pattern or cut a square to the size you want you can make these big or as small as you choose . just make sure that it is a square.

next fold from coner to coner, open it up and fold from the other coner to coner or use the included pattern this will create your cut lines.

take a dime for a larger pinwheel or a pencil head for the smaller one color with a stamp pad or perament marker carefully place onto the center of the square as indicated by the fold lines press down , then remove , this should leave a mark .

now cut on your fold lines up to the mark you made with the dime or pencile.

when you get all four coners cut put a small piece of double sided tape onto the center of the pinwheel ,

fold each piece to the center (see image ) and push into the tape to secure

now add some double sided tape to your face, bottlecap or whatever you have choosen to use for the center and push down

turn over and add magnet, or double sided tape if your adding it to a card or glue to some cardstock for a photo frame.

When I first seen these they were made with a bottle cap and they put a photo inside of it

but I like to use polymer clay faces so that is what I choose to use

I seen some of these made with a smaller square and put onto cards,or larger and used for photo frames. the possibilitys are endless have fun and enjoy.

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