Monday, January 04, 2010

I got a new book

I ordered the book Caffine for the creative mind    excellent book by the way

anyway one of the activities in the book was to design your own creative swiss army knife of sorts

what creative supplies can you not do with out when your creating.

mine would have the following items    spray glue, tape runner, computer , silhouette cutter, pliers, scissors, wire, sponge,  eye shadow applicators , broken glass,  car detail tape, 

I forgot to include my cd player , printer, and hot coffee  gotta have that caffine  :)

the idea of the book is to open up the creative side of your brain .

so what would be in your swiss pocket creative knife thingie    remember to include the unusual as well as everything else

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**christina** said...

that is kinda cool. something i've never thought about. mine would have: nail clippers, que tips (lol), glue dots, scissors, mp3 player, and a universal remote, lol.