Sunday, January 10, 2010

some new art

I got out my prisims pencils and a sketch book and started doodling this evening.
I have not been doing to well at posting daily but i don't want to end up with photos that are of no interests to anyone but me . so while i will try to continue to post daily. my main goal is to post something that i hope will be interesting to others.   
and if its my art work.or something i need to scan I don't always get in my art room to scan it .  Its cold in there and I don't go in there very often in the winter  .

this drawing are aprox 5 X 7
done with black ink, prism pencils and markers .

they are a bit corny and will probally change when /if something inspires me but for now its what i came up with 

from top to bottom
Wild Hair
She belongs to the land

no title
queen bee
Leaves of me



landofdreaming said...

fab - all so happy :)

Cyn said...

These are marvelous. I love their expressions!

Sally said...

I look like Wild Hair when I have just woken up or have a migraine. I love it!

They are all great and make me smile.