Friday, February 26, 2010

Who Are you

Im so ready for spring  
this is a picture I took last year
love these flowers

I am me
the inside of you
that you are afraid to see
afraid to let out
for fear of what I will show you
of where I will take you

I am your dreams, your fears, your intermost thoughts
that you are afraid to know
to discover
to explore

I am the child that you left behind
i am the magic that you lost
I am me
the inside of you
lost and forgotten

I am the dragon in the clouds
the whistle in the wind
the ghost that speaks to you in the night
I am the whispers you hear when no one is there
I am the shadows in the dark

I am me
the inside of you

the voice that cannot be heard
but longs to speak
to tell you that what you seek
is inside of you

I am here
you have just forgotten how to see me
how to feel my presence
how to be me

I am your imaginery friend that you can no longer see
 I am me
the inside of you

I am me
the inside of you
waiting, waiting  to be rediscovered
I am here
you have to seek me
to dare let the child inside out to play

to dare to let your imagination fly and let the child like dreams be free once again
to discover all that there is to see
all that is blind to those who do not look
the magic that you seek is here
inside of me

I am me
lost inside of you
find me please
I am lonely
and you are truly lost
without me

I am me
waiting on you

Sunset over the lake near where I live

Fishing for food 
this is one of my favorite birds
and I was lucky enough to get a picture of him
standing on the lake watching for dinner

Leon and I went for a drive a while back and seen this tree on the side of the road
It was so unique that I just had to snap a picture of it
it almost looks like there is water inside
a secret doorway to   ??????
a home of a mystical creature  ????
you decide


Diana said...

Very pretty photos and a great poem.....thanks for sharing

Cathy said...

Very pretty poem. Thanks for sharing.

Erika C. said...

Did you have an imaginary friend? My sisters and I had "Mr. Nobody" and he turned into butter if you sat on him by mistake!

Thanks for the reminder.

(fellow 14 Secretser)

inge said...

Hello Carolyn,

a nice poem : it seems a bit sad... but maybe you will find your "inner me" soon :)

What a gorgeous tree : I wish I had such one in my garden. I'm sure the fairies in my garden would love it too :)

greetings from belgium

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I like your doll.

I would have had to inspect that tree. I wonder what caused it to be like that? Almost looks like a secret entrance to a clubhouse. Very interesting.