Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I finally had the chance to play a bit tonight

I used a couple of techniques from Tim Holtz blog 
the journal cover is made using the technique found here

I used a tulip stamp and some orange and green paper
I like the way it came out I thinik it might have been better if I had use a different stamp for the embrossing powder.   but im pretty happy with it

so far this is just a sheet of paper i made using this technique

I  really like the way it came out   I used a dragon fly stamp and my green dabber for the stamped image then I misted everything with   two differen colors of the ink mixed with pearl ex in the mini misters one of them was tattered rose. can't remember what the other one was
then I stamped over the wole thiing with a word stamp and black ink
I have no idea what i am going to use the paper for yet but im sure it will be for a special project of some sort


Angie Hall haviland said...

So PRETTY!! Glad you had a chance to PLAY, Carolyn!!

inge said...

Hello Carolyn,

i thought the journalpage was a bit dark, but intriguing. I wasn't sure which technique you used , so I took the link...
Your stamp wasn't indeed the perfect one for this technique : it might have been a more chunkier one to see your paper underneath the embossing powder.
But : it's all about playing and the result doès has something !

thanks for reminding me of these techniques of Tim !
greetings from Belgium

KAT said...

Love your background paper - I looks really worn and distressed!