Friday, March 19, 2010

Pennents redone in proper size

I got some of my pennents done for this swap and thought I would share them here
There are all done using the distressed inks  mixed with pearl x in the mini misters for the backgrounds.

I used stickers to create the words    

                                                         This one is created with a face stamp pI sanded the area a bit to add some contrast , layered it on top of the background and added various embellishments

this one is pretty simple a dragon stamp and stickers

I did a bit of layering on this one and have since added some embellishments to it after I scanned it

I saved the best for last well I think so anyways   this is my favorite one so far

I used some embrossing powder to help secure the chain to the card and the word is just a sticker from my collectionn

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Tolegranny said...

I love these banners.