Sunday, September 19, 2010

going on a trip

for this trip we are suspose to make an art doll to repersent us   so the doll below is what i came up with  she doesn't start out very pretty but I really like the finished doll

Humble beginnings

I started out with a base using masking tape  a match box and some mesh wire  as well as wire for the arms and legs so that they would be posable

What kind of face should she have decisions decisions  

Meet Issy    for this journey we are suspose to create a name that we are going to be traveling under and I am going to be traveling as Issabell dragon  Issy for short   .   Issy is a fairy first but also has the ability to be perceived as a dragon when necessary .   When I was making her i had a lot of choices to make when she was done she had a 2 tone purple skirt with a turquoise shell belt  beautiful flowing green hari her shirt is made from a map  and after seeing her standing there i decided she need one more thing



Lani Gerity said...

She looks very sweet!

Erika C. said...

Wonderful! I love your little doll and the trunk. I have my materials ready but haven't made mine yet. It is inspiring to see what others have already created!


Coleen said...

It may be a humble beginning, but it turned out well. Good for you for doing such a "from scratch" project.
in Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Mmm do love your companion :) She's beautiful and the colours are great!


I really like the map for a shirt. Your doll is very wonderfully prepared for an adventure.