Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my celling in my art room

since several of you asked here are the pictures of my celling   i have the beams filled up and have been slowing adding things to the celling itself    I hope to one day have it mostly covered    The beams were added a couple of years ago when we had a really bad ice storm and the weight of the ice collapsed the trusses and since there was no way to repair the room (to dangerous to climb up there and no one could get out to do it anyways)  we did the next best thing  built to supporting beams in the room they go all the way across and have supports from celling to floor     DH painted them for me and we started putting my art back up   first he started filling up the beams which give me even more space for my art on the celling itself  
i have been adding to it whenever i get the chance     I am planning to run several strands of ribbon from floor to celling  and use mini clips and clothpins to hold atcs havn't decided just where i want to put them yet


Dorothy said...

WOW!! that is really cool!!

Amy* said...

Great way to maximize your space...and keep inspiring things around you. My studio is in the basement which is unfinished but I like to hang things off the pipes beans.