Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a purse made from an old book

i made this for a swap im in   starting to slowly get caught up with everything

this is a purse that i made from a hardback book  i stated with this tutorial

then i added my own twist to it and made it mine   I was afraid that glue alone would not be strong enough so i used brads to give it added support   im pretty happy with it  I hope my partner likes it   now i just have to stuff it with crafty goodness and find a box it will fit in. and i can add it to the growing pile of packages that will be going out Friday .

I used some of the pages from the book to embellish the front and back since the cover didn't really have much on it  i added a part of the page with a listing of his books and also added a page that had the tittle and author on it

 i choose musical notes fabric for the lining not sure if it really goes with the title or not but i kind of like it
i thought it needed a bit of color so for the handles i used some red braided cord that i had

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