Wednesday, July 04, 2012

i had the day off so decided to play a bit   
i tried my hand at making flowers from wire and fabric
what i think   they are fiddely ,  a bit of a pain but i like that you can mold and shape them when your done
first attempt was by sewing them like the tutorial i saw some wheres  but i didn't have any luck with that  so i started playing with different ideas i tried glue and double sided tape  which ended up working the best  
just put the tape on the fabric then cut to the rough shape of the wire petal and fold around it
worked pretty well
they are fairly large the green one the petals overlap a bit and it has a puffy gold center the black and white one only has five petals and is a bit smaller the center is a crinkley paper 


Jamie said...

They are pretty!

George said...

I love your blog!!

Justine said...

Thanks for sharring such lovely posts!!

Mellanie said...

Pictures look great! Nice post!