Monday, August 28, 2006

Sharpies storage solution

this is what I did to store all of my markers and gel pens and still keep them where I can see them and within easy reach
I use a tube from plastic bags recycled from where I work but you could use Pringles potato chip cans or shipping tubes,
I measured my markers and cut the tubes about a quarter of an inch shorter than the markers. then I glued them together using clothpins to hold them in place till they were dry , Painted with black paint added a back of matbord placed on my desktop and filled.
works great .

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Autum Fairy

I have been playing around with watercolors this week
this is the first time I have ever tried to do anything other than make backgrounds with them.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Swap ABC's of Emotions

I am hosting a new swap called ABC's of Emotions
I need some more playes
Please E-mail me at if you want to Play please include your name, E-mail address with your name e-mail address , and the letter you are going to do also the emotion or emotions you are doing for that letter you don't have to do the same emotion for the letter for example you choose the letter H you could do Happy, and Hopeless and whatever else you can think ofthe following letters have already been taken A,C,H,P,Details below This will be a fat book 4 X 4ABC's of Emotions .you choose a letter and an Emotion that starts with that letter for example A might be Anger where Z might be Zetti Like or Zealous or Zany M might me for Moody or Manic there is a lot of room to play so use your can do these any style any medium digitals are ok as long as they are embelished
embellishish however you want . You will make 27 of the letter of your choice.please use heavy colored cardstock so the pages are sturdy and bright and colorful please do not use plain white cardstock, leave a margin of 1/2 inch on the lefthand side to allow for binding this area can be decorated but no embellishments there
I will do the cover and bind them. Not real sure how I will bind these maybe just one hole in the corner and use a large ring
create you emotion on the frontyour letter should be somewhere on the front page
This is what I want on the back of themYour name where you are from your choosen letter and emotion for example A is for Anger
How this emotion or feeling effects you in your everyday life
A tip on how you handle the emotion or feeling or something that you do to make you feel that way for example if my emotion is happy the back of my card would look like this
Carolyn hartley
From Missouri
H is for Happy
Happiness makes everything worth doing it tends to be contagious If one person is happy it tends to make everyone feel a bit better
I try to look on the bright side of even the worst situation if I am feeling down and depressed I make it a point to smile just the act of smiling at a friend or co worker makes me feel better I also try to look at what is botherinng me from different points of view
you get the idea This should be typewritten and you may decorate the back if you want
I know some letters and emotions will be harder than other to do. Just use your Imagination and think outside of the box
.if you want to do more than one letter you will get a finished book for each letter you do sign up will be open until all of the letters are taken mailout by January 15 2007 giving everyone plenty of time to work on them and get them to me
I will then get them returned by Feburary the 15th giving the pages plenty of time to arrive and me time to bind them. if all works well they will be mailed sooner then that.please send 7 dollars Hidden cash , or postal money order per book to cover shipping and binding
A large return envelope with your address on it
Thanks for playing
if you know of anyone who would like to play please pass this on to them
Carolyn h

Sunday, August 13, 2006

some tags I made for a swap