Friday, November 15, 2013

from old piano to new computer desk

stand for computer built and back drop on
 keyboard reattached and ready to setup  computer

done  well almost      we are going to order a piece of plexi glass for the top and when it arrives we will put  the piano keys back on and cover it with the plexiglass for the finishing touch

total cost of project   around 65 dollars for the plexiglass  

Friday, June 14, 2013

what i did last night

finally a new post

got my sodering gun and supplies yesterday and spent a little time playing

this is what i came up with  the little bottle came out really well   i want to put a tiny lable on it but havn't decided what to call it  it has blue , bronze and pink embrossing powders in it.  the two with pictures on them are broken microscope slides i had some with white on one end so i put two together and carefully broke them using a pair of needle nose priers.    the other three are simply pieces of stained glass .