Thursday, December 31, 2009

day 4 i missed yesterday so for today im posting twice

for yesterday im doing a quick movie review   we watched 9  a Tim
Burton movie it was a rather dark movie ,  not bad  but not a movie you would want to watch with kids .  a bit depressing .    now we are going to watch GI Joe

the New year is up on us and im setting at home watching movies  ,  Can't think of anything i'de rather be doing .  spending the evneing with my family watching movies and enjoying each others company  /

I guess im getting old cause i have absolutely   no desire  to be out amongst the crowds , bars, or people for that matter.    Just not much of a people person i guess

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spirit dolls

below is a pict of a couple of  very simple art dolls i made from wire , fabric and yarn   I call them spririt dolls


365 days of something

I have decided to do 365 days  .  I doubt i will be posting a photo every day but my plan is to post something every day   it may be a journal entry  a thought , a piece of art work i made or maybe just a blog site that i like
im starting today  with the hopes that i can keep it up

Monday, December 14, 2009

Journal cover

This is a journal cover i made using a piece of copper that i textured with a hammeer then I covered it in alleens clear tacky glue and added a few drops of AI added the image and then let it dry overnight . then i added another layer of the glue over the whole thing making sure the image is covered I dropped a few more drops of the AI dabbed it with a makeup sponge
its a bit hard to see here but using this technique gives it a very dementional look
I have also used this on smooth non porous surfaces with great results .
it works best with two colors of AI any more than that makes it look muddy.