Sunday, December 02, 2007

check out the countdown to Christmas

Lisa is doing another great countdown to Christmas calendar this time its a total of 46 printables
a new one revealed each day .
they are linkware so just share a link to her site somewheres on the web and they are your to use for your personal projects

go here and enjoy

Thursday, November 22, 2007

some atc's i made for a swap

this was a challenge atc swap to use fun foam on the atc well I did use funfoam but not in an ordinary way :)

cut a piece of fun foam to about the size your want

get out a rubber stamp and ink pad set aside

heat the fun foam with a heat gun flipping it over several times then while you are heating it up this just takes seconds ink up your stamp turn off your heat gun and push the stamp into the fun foam press really hard

here are the results I got

I love this technique and had a lot of fun making my atc's for this challenge

Sunday, November 04, 2007

handmade purse from trash

Humble beginnings
I lined the inside with some carboard covered with material and glued a mirror to the lid
then I covered the outside with fabric. embellished, added a hinge and valcor closeure and a handle

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

an address book
a ment tin I covered it with embrossing powder melted it then added a real feather and the face piece
another one done much the same way
a metal circle frame like they use for dream catchers
covered with yarn
then I punched holes into an old cd
covered with embrossing powder melted
glued on the finished face piece
and laced it into place

some finished pieces

been playing this week

I have been playing with utee and polymer clay faces the last few days.

here are a few of the pieces before I added them to projects

Monday, September 24, 2007

new project

I made this from polymer clay for a swap
im in on swapbot.
I used rubber stamps to make the images
and then colored them with pearl X
added some beads on embrodery thread
and a ribbon for hanging

Thursday, August 09, 2007

a dream catcher I made for someone in Bazil
I had to be carfull what I used due to customs so this one has no feathers just red fibers , string and beads

Thursday, July 26, 2007

some necklaces and a box I made using found objects

I found this box in some
stuff I got in a swap and
decided to jazz it up a bit
I used some old washers
for the top that I put
emborssing powder on and
then stamped into it
I did the box lid the same way
just stamped onto the melted
emborssing powder
this is the side of the box
I just stamped the word
secrets onto the sides and cover
with some blue pearl x and
covered it all with papier glass finish
a necklace made from a trimonial
i used emborssing powder and stamped into it
an old dog tag that i covered in embrossing powder then I flicked pearl x on it then stamped into it

Monday, July 23, 2007

mouted rubber stamp storage system

I made this from metal corners that you use to protect the corners of drywall

it comes in 10 ft strips I cut it to size bent the ends over to protect from sharp edges screwed them into my wall. I put screws about every 10 inches or so just to give it added support then I covered the ends with c0rner trim again to cover the sharp edges.

and then just set my stamps onto the ledge the idea came to me from seeing the way stamp stores had their stamps displayed I wanted something like this for mine so this is what I came up with.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

some charms for necklaces and a couple of pins

I have been having fun playing with polymer clay and some papeir clay that I had

using some home made molds and a few store brought molds I have been making lots of faces but hadn't decided what to do with them till now.

here are the results of a few I made last night

Monday, June 11, 2007

pinwheel magnet

here is a simple and fun project

this can be a magnet for your fridge or embellishments for a card or a photo frame it all depends

on how big you make it.

Pinwheel magnet
decorated paper , magazines, clipping, old book pages, you can use most anything you want just as lone as it has an image on both sidesor glue two sheets together . Thats what I did in the sample
faces or bottle caps or whatever you want to use for the center glue stick double sided tape

glue two sheets of paper together to give you a design on both sides this also makes the project a bit stronger.

use pattern or cut a square to the size you want you can make these big or as small as you choose . just make sure that it is a square.

next fold from coner to coner, open it up and fold from the other coner to coner or use the included pattern this will create your cut lines.

take a dime for a larger pinwheel or a pencil head for the smaller one color with a stamp pad or perament marker carefully place onto the center of the square as indicated by the fold lines press down , then remove , this should leave a mark .

now cut on your fold lines up to the mark you made with the dime or pencile.

when you get all four coners cut put a small piece of double sided tape onto the center of the pinwheel ,

fold each piece to the center (see image ) and push into the tape to secure

now add some double sided tape to your face, bottlecap or whatever you have choosen to use for the center and push down

turn over and add magnet, or double sided tape if your adding it to a card or glue to some cardstock for a photo frame.

When I first seen these they were made with a bottle cap and they put a photo inside of it

but I like to use polymer clay faces so that is what I choose to use

I seen some of these made with a smaller square and put onto cards,or larger and used for photo frames. the possibilitys are endless have fun and enjoy.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

new art doll

this is a small art doll I made last night

just wnated something to do so started playing she is the result

I really like the why she came out

I call her Dream catcher because she reminds me to remember to dream and to dare to make them happen.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

words of wisdom

a really simple card stamped background and homemade word charms
fun and easy to make using copper sheeting and an old non working inkpen, after writiing the words on the copper i go back over them with a black sharpie and then whipe off the excess marker. it fills in the words and makes them show up better.


I used Papier Glass finish by folk art an image torn from an old playing card and some micro beads placed on a oil painted background I didn't glue the image down but let the papier glass finish flow under it and cause it to rise in places
I really like playing with this glass finish product you can do so many different things with it. and its clear so you can add pigment, or little bits of paper or string , just about anything you can think of .


a couple of plastic masks and some chain from an old necklace melted into fun plastic.
I had never played with that stuff before its pretty cool melts very easily and created cool effects . I have seen Jewerly made with it but havn't tried makeing any yet.


stamped background some stickers I had leftover placed randomly on card and covered with wax
some of the stickers rose a bit giving it a very interesting 3d effect. not planned but I really like the way it came out.

inch by inch

oil painted background inchies for embelishments and covered in bees wax


stamped background and figure is painted with black fingernail polish that my daughter brought at Halloween works great for a paint but a bit smelly

hidden hopes

stamped words in the background. clay face, and covered in beeswax.

hands of dreams

I used a stamp pad to color the background stamped the face and embrossed copper for the hand
someone asked me where I get the copper.
I got it an Home Depot in the roofing section
I believe its called roof flanging or something like that


rubberstamped background and inchie for embellishment and covered in beeswax

emerging from

black embrossing powder and a clay face make a striking effect

dragon trails

embrossing powder, while it was still hot I moved it around and created a rough texture then remelted it in some places

Dragonfly litter

an ATC made using Fun Plastic and various embellishments

Monday, April 02, 2007

my journal page

here is the covers I made for a journal swap im in
the book is going to be postcard size 4 by 6 inches
and I want everyone who works in my book to tell a secret kind of like the postcards at
the covers are made from matboard covered in copper , embrossed and inked , and I glued a face to the front but its hard to see

Saturday, March 17, 2007

my idea board above my desk in the art section of my room
picture on left is above my workbench in same section . idea board seperates art area from computer area.