Thursday, December 31, 2009

day 4 i missed yesterday so for today im posting twice

for yesterday im doing a quick movie review   we watched 9  a Tim
Burton movie it was a rather dark movie ,  not bad  but not a movie you would want to watch with kids .  a bit depressing .    now we are going to watch GI Joe

the New year is up on us and im setting at home watching movies  ,  Can't think of anything i'de rather be doing .  spending the evneing with my family watching movies and enjoying each others company  /

I guess im getting old cause i have absolutely   no desire  to be out amongst the crowds , bars, or people for that matter.    Just not much of a people person i guess

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spirit dolls

below is a pict of a couple of  very simple art dolls i made from wire , fabric and yarn   I call them spririt dolls


365 days of something

I have decided to do 365 days  .  I doubt i will be posting a photo every day but my plan is to post something every day   it may be a journal entry  a thought , a piece of art work i made or maybe just a blog site that i like
im starting today  with the hopes that i can keep it up

Monday, December 14, 2009

Journal cover

This is a journal cover i made using a piece of copper that i textured with a hammeer then I covered it in alleens clear tacky glue and added a few drops of AI added the image and then let it dry overnight . then i added another layer of the glue over the whole thing making sure the image is covered I dropped a few more drops of the AI dabbed it with a makeup sponge
its a bit hard to see here but using this technique gives it a very dementional look
I have also used this on smooth non porous surfaces with great results .
it works best with two colors of AI any more than that makes it look muddy.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Art Project

this is the boss she is making sure we do everything right

we are redoing our bathroom and had this huge mirror with no frame that we took out durnin the remodeling . We needed a smaller mirror to fit into the space we had after we installed the new vanity and cabinets

here are the results of my being creative first i broke the mirror by walking on it

we choose the piece on the right for our bathroom mirror

then i used a can of Kwik foam insulation to make a frame

let it dry and painted it a light gray here are the results I love the way this came out

here are a couple of more i made using some of the other pieces that i had left including the one we are using in our bathroom

my goal is to have little or no waste from this mirror im going to use the smaller pieces in some jewery im making and may use some of them for a mosic will have to play around with them and see what i can come up with.

right now this is what is left

this is a dresser we redid to put into the bathroom I like the way my shadow ended up in it :)

I need to put knobs on the top drawer

The Boss is still watching

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jacobs Ladder

I used Birds of a feather paper from club scrap and some old coasters that i cut the ends off of to make a flat edge

I like the way the rounded ends make it look

I also created a round box for it

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween treat boxes

some treat boxes I made tonight using Clubscrap paper

I seen some fun candy wraped to look like eyeballs the other day and I think thats what i will but in the boxes

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

halloween gift box

A gift box I made with a halloween theme Its made with all clubscrap paper and the idea came from a scrap rap that i get everymonth from the club

The gift card holders work great for gift cards or Dentine gum or money or most anything small

the word secret is rubber stamped onto some cork that i had

Another gift box with butterflies and more of the stamped cork this one is also made with clubscrap paper

Sunday, October 18, 2009

one last card another halloween card

Inside of card
and tri fold halloween card i had fun making theseinside of halloween card

since it is only 60 some days until Christmas I thought i should work on some cards I can't say these are a favorite but they were fun to make and didn't come out to bad

greeting cards

first photo is the front of a halloween card and a thank you card that i made today I think the halloween card is my favorite of all of them

Inside of halloween and thankyou card
some charms i made a while back using broken microscope slides and misc found objects

This chram is made from a small piece of microscope glass and a scrap leftover from a coaster that i used for another project

front of charm 1

charm 2 back

the one on the right is the front of charm 2 back of charm 1

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My birthday surprise truck accident

we went out yesterday to celebrate my birthday and on the way home we hit a deer we are mostly ok but are sore and bruised . this happend around 11:30 pm and we didn;t get home till 5 am . Our son took us to ER as he wanted to have us checke out

The truck is in pretty bad shape but our son thinks it can be fixed
not really a good way to end a birthday celebration but at least we are both ok and for that im very thankful for.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Gena's Doll

she is so pretty in her peacock feathered dress, she is made from a napkin , an old book ,cd and other misc found objects

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Recycled Art doll Swap Photo shoot Take 2

This is lady luck created by Nancy
she is created from a wood block , beads, earring,cards,dice
she came in her own privite coach with a special joker on the front

This doll was made by Deborah
She is the queen of hearts made from a lotion bottle ,ribbon paper and wire,and a painbrush

My art doll revisited
i have to say i really didn't like the way the face came out on my doll and i wasn't sure if it would survive the trip so tonight i figured out what she really wanted to be

her name is flower queen
she lives in the forest and uses what man throws away to create everything that she might need her head is a large hair barette and her face is a pog covered in fun plastic and a clay face i added a flower petal and a leaf to her back so that she looked more finished her body is a plastic container from a bead kit , her hands are the lids from two bead tubes and her legs are the bead tubes her feet are from a bag of potpourri
This is another art doll of sorts that i made tonight i guess i was in a creative mood

she will not me going anywheres as im sure she would not survive the trip in one piece but
i do like the way she came out and since she fit the theme I decided to include her in the photo shoot
She is
Keeper of words
written on her hand are the words inspire,hope dream,believe , peace, love and knowledge
on her fingers are 3 protectors of the words and their true meaning and power

her base is made from an empty cd spindle the hand is one that is used to display jewerly her hair is a sea sponge and her face is a larger washer with a clay face on it
the hand is colored with alcohol ink and i used a brown sharpie to add the words
The base has a copper chain and some small screws for added interest
her base

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Recycled Art doll Swap Photo shoot Take 1

here is the first of several photo shoots of the art dolls for this swap

i will photo them as i get them in and have the time to post them

for this round we have 5 dolls

if they came with a name and or a story i will share a bit of it here

I plan to do a group shot of all of the dolls before i package them up to journey to their new homes.

This is Carmen she is a Flower Child
one of the original ones from the sixties yes she loves to gather flowers and take strolls in her garden
her bag is full of fun and colorful flowers
she is made from
Cloth scraps , stamps, magazines, mardi gras beads, metal nuts and bolts, aluminum foil, glass bevels, plastic orange juice bottle , dish scrubber brush, shreeded paper , foam scraps, beaded ornament, plastic flower scraps , silver jewerly and lots of love
made by Maria

this lovely pink pig is created from an old washcloth by Lani

this doll is made by Mrs Ryan MacMichael
she looks a bit like a Japanese girl in her ribbon dress
she is made from ribbon, fabric and a bottle

this Angel is created by Joyce im not sure what she is made of besides fabric of some sort

Note this doll has been revised see Flower Queen above

This is lopsided Issy she loves
the earth and tries to recycle and reuse everything that she can

Her head and feet
are made from old potpourri

her upper body is a empty plastic container her arms are a single shoe lace cut in half
the tree on her chest is a piece of fun plastic i was going to make a necklace from but it broke so i give it to Issy to use as she saw fit.

her hands are the ends of two small bead tubes , her legs are the bead tubes

her hair is a piece of plastic like string stuff that came off of a package

the bow in her hair is a broken earring , her eyes are felt pads, and her nose is a watermelon seed