Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my celling in my art room

since several of you asked here are the pictures of my celling   i have the beams filled up and have been slowing adding things to the celling itself    I hope to one day have it mostly covered    The beams were added a couple of years ago when we had a really bad ice storm and the weight of the ice collapsed the trusses and since there was no way to repair the room (to dangerous to climb up there and no one could get out to do it anyways)  we did the next best thing  built to supporting beams in the room they go all the way across and have supports from celling to floor     DH painted them for me and we started putting my art back up   first he started filling up the beams which give me even more space for my art on the celling itself  
i have been adding to it whenever i get the chance     I am planning to run several strands of ribbon from floor to celling  and use mini clips and clothpins to hold atcs havn't decided just where i want to put them yet

a purse made from an old book

i made this for a swap im in   starting to slowly get caught up with everything

this is a purse that i made from a hardback book  i stated with this tutorial

then i added my own twist to it and made it mine   I was afraid that glue alone would not be strong enough so i used brads to give it added support   im pretty happy with it  I hope my partner likes it   now i just have to stuff it with crafty goodness and find a box it will fit in. and i can add it to the growing pile of packages that will be going out Friday .

I used some of the pages from the book to embellish the front and back since the cover didn't really have much on it  i added a part of the page with a listing of his books and also added a page that had the tittle and author on it

 i choose musical notes fabric for the lining not sure if it really goes with the title or not but i kind of like it
i thought it needed a bit of color so for the handles i used some red braided cord that i had

DH and Kitty taking a nap

I just don't think you can get much more comfortable than that   DH and his cat  Christmas name so because we found her on the side of the road Christmas Eve a few years ago  she was soak and wet and it was starting to sleet   I think she was a good save when we found her she was just a kitten  and i had to chase her down a steep hill, she tried to hid under a rock   quit the adventure but she was worth it

Saturday, June 25, 2011

paper flowers

i played with making paper flowers tonight

these are made by starting with a piece of light scrapbook paper  mine was white on one side so i wadded it up then rubbed some ink over the white side  to add a bit of color  

now wad it up several times making it soft and pliable  then either cut or tear it into a rough circle then continue tearing in a circle    remember the paper snakes or spirals you use to make as a kid   same thing

now start from the middle and loosely roll it into a flower shape   smash and shape it till your happy with it 

i also added some torn paper leaves

book using accordian fold

using the same accordian fold as i did with the shadow box i made a small book  .you can make these different sizes as well just choose the size you want and cut your paper to fit
 a top view to kind of give you an idea of how it goes together you just put your pages on the inside folds leaving one loose on the front and back to glue the cover    remember to make a wide spine for your book so it has plenty of room to grow    these little books are great for chunky pages and embellishments   i only made mine with 4 pages not including the cover but you could add more pages if you wanted to
 one of the inside pages  i used cream paper for my pages and black for the spine because i wanted you to be able to see it in the photos but it is better to use the same colors for both.  

butterfly shadowbox

I made a shadowbox today using the tutorial  that you can find here

 I had fun making this and like the way it came out

its hard to see in the picture but the butterfly inside is metal and i give him a string body with feelers
i took a piece of clear plastic and stamped the image and words on it and put it on just before i put the outside frame pieces on 

I used my score board and made them 1 inch wide  i scored 1, 3, 5, 7, and ,11 inches then flipped it over and scored at 2, 4, 6, 8,and  10  inches making it easy to make the folds

its probably about an inch deep when its all put together   and you can make these any size just by change the length and width of your strips

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

image transfers

i played with image transfers this evening

i used an ink jet printer and lemon scented pinesol  

you can also use a laser printer but instead of lemon scented pinesol  just use water  
here is the link to a wonderful  tutorial on how to do the transfers

the only thing i did different was to use the pinesol  and my ink jet printer

for these first ones i used  foil tape   put the image face down on the tape then  using a paint brush i brushed on lemon scented pine sol    then i started to gently rub the paper off   this is what they look like

these last two were done the same way except i used clear packing tape  i love how these came out

Thursday, June 16, 2011

steampunk style spoon for swap

Im in a swap where we are suspose to take a spoon and make it a steampunk piece
so tonight i worked on it and this is what i came up with

I had a lot of fun making this and im really happy with the way she came out