Saturday, June 25, 2011

book using accordian fold

using the same accordian fold as i did with the shadow box i made a small book  .you can make these different sizes as well just choose the size you want and cut your paper to fit
 a top view to kind of give you an idea of how it goes together you just put your pages on the inside folds leaving one loose on the front and back to glue the cover    remember to make a wide spine for your book so it has plenty of room to grow    these little books are great for chunky pages and embellishments   i only made mine with 4 pages not including the cover but you could add more pages if you wanted to
 one of the inside pages  i used cream paper for my pages and black for the spine because i wanted you to be able to see it in the photos but it is better to use the same colors for both.  

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