Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Recycled art for a swap

the necklace is made from an old priority envelope (tyvek) that was painted and heated I added a paper clay face
the keyring is made from a plastic walmart sack (the white) a dollar general sack (the yellow) and the red is a produce mesh
i cut into strips and braded rolled it into a coil and secrued with wire then glued a paper clay face onto it
next is an altered altoid tin
next are 3 different kinds of beads the first is just the common rolled paper bead next is a painted paper towel bead rolled over a knitting needle and allowed to dry I just reused the paper towels that i wiped my brushed off on from various projects
next is a plastic straw dipped in leftover embrossing powder and cooled

an altered journal made from an old priority mail box for the covers the paper is left over office paper and misc pieces of colored paper
I used a map to cover the front and back a piece of bubbled tyvek and a face which was printed on old tyvek paper
and a couple of pieces of scrap fabric for embellishment

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dottee doll for Ann

I made this doll for a friend
the face is made from tyvek and i use some small multcolored beads for the tail and added a dragonfly brad the hair is a varity of purple yarn and fibers mixed together.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

tiny dottee doll

I made a tiny dottee doll tonight she is less than 3 inches long including her tail I put her on a ribbon so she could be worn as a necklace

here is the tiny one next to a regural size one to give you an idea of how small she is