Sunday, November 16, 2008

my second attempt at a needle felted dottee doll

this was also for a swap the theme is Hell's Angle dottee or biker dottee

I think she looks more like a twisted Gypsy but i still
like the way she came out
she has a dud rag on her head but it
dosen't show up very well

so even bikers use gypsy's so maybe
shes a biker gypsy ok
thats what she is going to be a biker gypsy
Thats my story and im sticking with it....

needle felted dottee doll

I needed to make a dottee doll for a swap and wanted
to try my hand at something a bit
different so i decided to needle felt
this one

she is made from various colors of needle felted elements
hair , tail , face and body
the only thing that is not needle felted is the hanger I wanted to make sure it was strong enough to last so i used string for the hanger

needle felted pin

a pin made from leftover needle felting fibers all colors mixed in I glued on a face and on the top of the is a peacock feather but you can't see it very well in the photo

Felted bookmark

I cut a shape from scrap felt and needle felted it in burgney then attached some green felt letters and some fibers on the top

Saturday, November 08, 2008

a close up of the bags and pin

needle felting projects

three amulet bags and a pin I made using needle felting
I really like the way these turned out all three of the bags were felted onto a piece of felt for added strength the pin was just white roving with a bit of orange added in and I added a pin back and glued a polymer clay face