Saturday, November 28, 2009

Art Project

this is the boss she is making sure we do everything right

we are redoing our bathroom and had this huge mirror with no frame that we took out durnin the remodeling . We needed a smaller mirror to fit into the space we had after we installed the new vanity and cabinets

here are the results of my being creative first i broke the mirror by walking on it

we choose the piece on the right for our bathroom mirror

then i used a can of Kwik foam insulation to make a frame

let it dry and painted it a light gray here are the results I love the way this came out

here are a couple of more i made using some of the other pieces that i had left including the one we are using in our bathroom

my goal is to have little or no waste from this mirror im going to use the smaller pieces in some jewery im making and may use some of them for a mosic will have to play around with them and see what i can come up with.

right now this is what is left

this is a dresser we redid to put into the bathroom I like the way my shadow ended up in it :)

I need to put knobs on the top drawer

The Boss is still watching