Thursday, January 29, 2009

craft room

this is part of my workbench which also holds my computer

you can't see it in the pick but i have a small sink in this corner

part of my work area and my rubber stamps
we took dry wall corner strips and nailed them to the wall bent the ends under so there wasn't any sharp corners.

some more of my shelves and storage
the two cabinets have peg board on the doors for my tools and stuff

Monday, January 19, 2009


Amulet bag winners

Astrid Maclean

Winners of a set of two charms


Blogger thismuseofmine

One World one heart event starts today
I just discovered this even so it will be my first year doing it

from now to Feburary the 11 you can enter to win a giveaway on my blog
just post a Comment on This post only for a chance to win
be sure to click the button above for Lisa's site with over 200 sites that are giving away prizes durning this event

On Feburary the 12th I will draw 4 name from the comments below two people will win one of the amulet bags and two people will win two charms

the drawing will be open to anyone who leaves a comment
please be sure to leave me an e-mail address and if you have it a link to your blog so that I can check it out

good luck everyone and have fun

two amulet bags the one on the left is needle felted in purple and white with a newprint charm and face attached and white leather cord

the other one is sewn from black checked leather like material with a clay face and black leather cord
4 charms created from an old wooden place mat that i took apart

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a couple of projects for clubscrap challenges


The Bucket List

Club scrap had a challenge to create a bucket list

so i decided to take one of the journals that i made from recycled paper and make the cover of it my bucket list
the pages of the journal are made from old dot matrix printer paper the covers are from an old priority mail box
and the front is done with scrap pieces of paper from the Cyprus kit

The list is attached with removable adhesive so I can change or add to it as I think of more things I can also add lists to the back and inside covers.
I plan to use the journal to create plans and goals to achieve the items on my list
and to add pictures of the things that are competed

This is the Butterfly I made tonight for The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project is an effort by the Holocaust Museum of Houston to commemorate the 1.5 million children who perished. They are collecting 1.5 million crafted butterflies for use in a display. You can find out more here:

recycled LP record holder ( ribbon rack)

I made this ribbon rack from an old metal LP record holder.
I removed 3 wires left one removed 3 left one all the way across to give me a little more room for my ribbons
mounted it on my work bench and added my ribbons
really simple to make and it works great

clip it and Ribbon rack

here are pictures of my version of the clip it embellishment and supply holder
I had seen several ideas for making these but none of them would work since i really don't have much counter space
so we took a curtain rod hung it below my shelf and i used the really cheap curtain hooks 1.99 per package of 12
for the clips I used the snap on name tag holders they were 12 in a package for 2.99 .
for some of my bigger items I found some plastic clothspins that had a hole in the handle I put a key ring thru the hole then hung them with the curtain hooks

I have close to a hundred clips on it the rod spans about 5 foot. i have a hook in the middle of it for support . its full but i can easily see and reach all of my suppliesclose up of the hooks with clothpens

close up of the name tag clips