Wednesday, January 07, 2009

clip it and Ribbon rack

here are pictures of my version of the clip it embellishment and supply holder
I had seen several ideas for making these but none of them would work since i really don't have much counter space
so we took a curtain rod hung it below my shelf and i used the really cheap curtain hooks 1.99 per package of 12
for the clips I used the snap on name tag holders they were 12 in a package for 2.99 .
for some of my bigger items I found some plastic clothspins that had a hole in the handle I put a key ring thru the hole then hung them with the curtain hooks

I have close to a hundred clips on it the rod spans about 5 foot. i have a hook in the middle of it for support . its full but i can easily see and reach all of my suppliesclose up of the hooks with clothpens

close up of the name tag clips


Jennifer Conway said...

That is such a great idea! I'm just re-organizing my space too, and I might borrow this idea! I'm always rooting through boxes trying to find something, and discovering forgotten things!

Raquel said...

That is just about the best idea I've seen in quite a while. I will certainly use it.

Prpldy said...

How ingenious you are! What great ways to store stuff and readily be able to see it. I will definitely use the rod and clip idea!