Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Easy Map Folder

This is how I made mine you can change the size to fit your map

what you need   one sheet of  12 x 12 medium weight card stock  and a couple of smaller pieces for the pockets depending on the size you want to make your folder

cut to 10 x 10 1/4
score at 5 and 5 1/4 

fold on score lines your folder should be 5 inches across with a 1/4 inch spine to allow it to fold neatly .

now all you need to do is make the pockets
 you can choose to make one or two pockets you could even put one on the outside if you wanted to

start by cutting a piece of card stock the width of the completed folder  plus 1 inch

mine is was 5 inches folded so i cut my card at 6 inches wide

and 1/2 the length of the folder which for mine it would be 5 inches  (you can adjust this to suit you )

now i have a piece of paper that is 6 by 5 inches   score your paper at 1/2 inch and 5 & 1/2 inch and then score the bottom at 4 & 1/2 inch
     cut the squares that form at the score lines out I cut the bottom one  at a bit of a angle so that they aren't seen
fold and you should have something that resembles a pocket
This is the pocket with the scored lines showing 

you can glue it down as is or you can cut the pocket across the top at an angle I took my ruler and measured down 1 inch then i started at the top edge of the other corner and angled my ruler to the mark i made giving me a nice even angle that i simple cut off  but you can angle it as much as you want .

 this is the inside of my folder the dark blue is actually the spine showing  both sides are really equal it just didn't scan all of it

you can follow this general idea and make them any size you want. 
 ( or make it whatever size you want just remember to allow for a 1/4 inch spine

Decorate it and enjoy