Sunday, April 15, 2007

words of wisdom

a really simple card stamped background and homemade word charms
fun and easy to make using copper sheeting and an old non working inkpen, after writiing the words on the copper i go back over them with a black sharpie and then whipe off the excess marker. it fills in the words and makes them show up better.


I used Papier Glass finish by folk art an image torn from an old playing card and some micro beads placed on a oil painted background I didn't glue the image down but let the papier glass finish flow under it and cause it to rise in places
I really like playing with this glass finish product you can do so many different things with it. and its clear so you can add pigment, or little bits of paper or string , just about anything you can think of .


a couple of plastic masks and some chain from an old necklace melted into fun plastic.
I had never played with that stuff before its pretty cool melts very easily and created cool effects . I have seen Jewerly made with it but havn't tried makeing any yet.


stamped background some stickers I had leftover placed randomly on card and covered with wax
some of the stickers rose a bit giving it a very interesting 3d effect. not planned but I really like the way it came out.

inch by inch

oil painted background inchies for embelishments and covered in bees wax


stamped background and figure is painted with black fingernail polish that my daughter brought at Halloween works great for a paint but a bit smelly

hidden hopes

stamped words in the background. clay face, and covered in beeswax.

hands of dreams

I used a stamp pad to color the background stamped the face and embrossed copper for the hand
someone asked me where I get the copper.
I got it an Home Depot in the roofing section
I believe its called roof flanging or something like that


rubberstamped background and inchie for embellishment and covered in beeswax

emerging from

black embrossing powder and a clay face make a striking effect

dragon trails

embrossing powder, while it was still hot I moved it around and created a rough texture then remelted it in some places

Dragonfly litter

an ATC made using Fun Plastic and various embellishments

Monday, April 02, 2007

my journal page

here is the covers I made for a journal swap im in
the book is going to be postcard size 4 by 6 inches
and I want everyone who works in my book to tell a secret kind of like the postcards at
the covers are made from matboard covered in copper , embrossed and inked , and I glued a face to the front but its hard to see