Thursday, January 29, 2009

craft room

this is part of my workbench which also holds my computer

you can't see it in the pick but i have a small sink in this corner

part of my work area and my rubber stamps
we took dry wall corner strips and nailed them to the wall bent the ends under so there wasn't any sharp corners.

some more of my shelves and storage
the two cabinets have peg board on the doors for my tools and stuff


B.Valianti/myth maker said...

Wow, Daffy, you have a great craft room!

Maggie R said...

OMG You have as much stuff as i do!! I keep trying to organize my rooms but I never get anywhere.
I have one big room for my studio, and I have a bedroom with a walk in closet I use for my fabric and other stuff!!!! EEK....... Just toooo darn much stuff, but the minute you throw something out you need it the next day Yours looks very organized.....
Thanks for sharing