Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am Special

this is a poem that I wrote it was for a young boy(man) who had Autism and was attending a day care where I worked most of the people there didn't understand or try to work with him and the owner really didn't want him there said he was to much trouble. After an especially rough day including the owner telling the mother that she didn't want the boy back if he wasn't going to listen.
(He really wasn't that hard to handle you just had to be patient and know how to talk to him. (I called it TJ Logic(the boys nickname) ) anywhy I was able to talk the owner into letting me have him in my class.
(I wrote this poem that night and give it to his mom the next day.
while it was written because of TJ I think it fits most kids with autism and many other disabilities.

I know I don't quite fit in with what you call normal
I have a hard time listening
or understanding what you say
Maybe I can't set still or follow directions the way you want me to
But I will be great someday just you wait and see
someone will see I have special needs
I learn differently that most
I need your patience,understanding and love
but I promise you,
someday I will be great
Im a special child with special abilities and greatness is in my blood
I have the talent just not the ability to express it
but with time I will learn
I don't know who I will be ,
maybe I will find a cure for aids or cancer
Or maybe I will be a famous artist , or musician,
Who knows maybe
I will be the first man to walk on Mars
all I know is I will be someone
and I will remember those who belived in me
The ones who knew I was Special
Who took the time to help me
the ones who walked that extra mile with me
I Promise to forget and forgive all the ones who gave up on me
the ones who though I was a waste of time
a hopless case
a lost cause
Tell that to the ones I saved from cancer or aids
or the ones who enjoy my art or music
tell that to the ones who believed in me
they will tell you I was worth your time
and the time of everyone who tried to make a difference in my life
and everyone like me
All children are worth your time a little or a lot
whatever it takes
Im glad someone thought I was worth their time
Thankyou for believeing in me
In Us


CarrieM said...

Hi Daffy. I linked to this post from my blog. I was touched by this--I have a cousin that has Downs and I hope that people look at him in this way. You are to be commended for your patience and understanding. I am sure that TJ's mom felt the same way, too.


Dawn said...

What an amazing poem, you should be proud of this piece - it so eloquently speaks of a special person, wonderful...

Prpldy said...

Wow! This described my Grandson (who has Aspergers, a form of autism) to a "T". Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem you wrote!