Tuesday, January 05, 2010


we either have one  , been with someone who has one , have used one, or at the very least we know what they are.

what if art was that easy ,   you start with a blank piece of paper, canvas, card, wood or what ever your media choice is. Then you choose your desired end result .    from there you get step by step instructions of what to do to get to the end.

I don't know about you but most of the time I have an idea of what i want to make and a general idea of where to start but its the end that i have trouble with  .  My art almost never ends up the way i in vision it .  usually im pleased with the end results ,  Usually but not always.;  but its rarely exactly what i thought it would be when i started . Good art tends to take on a  life of its own by  becoming something totally different from what you thought it would be.  just as good or better then you thought it would be but defiantly different

think of a project   from start to finish  how would you enter it into a art gps  what about the end would you what it to tell you exectly how to get there or is it more fun to leave it to chance. and just see what happens.

thats my choice ,  leave it to chance .    if you don't allow your art to choose its own path and just become what it wants to be . you end up fighting .a loosing battle and your art ends up looking like something off of an assembly line

try this 

think of a project from start to finish envision what you think it should look like when its done  discribe it in as much detail as you can.    do said project.    are you happy with it  , did it come out the way you thought it would.   better , worse   .  did you allow it to have a voice of its own or did you force it to follow you line of thinking by not allowing it to be whatever it wanted to be .

remember to allow your art to have a voice , you start with an idea but then let it go ,  follow your muse and let her play  .

Leave the GPS for getting you from point A to B 

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Great-Granny Grandma said...

Great post. I totally relate.